Our chanel bag price is different, why is that?

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now in today's blog, we want to share to you guys about our chanel item. we believe you guys are confuse with the price. "why is your chanel boy, classic flap, wallet on chain have different price?" 
So, as you guys know, there is a bunch of quality out there, frankly speaking, you want 100 bucks Chanel bag? there is that kind of quality. $200 , $300, $400 Chanel bag? there is! know that there is PLENTY of prices and quality in the market. we are aware that not all of you think that $500 for a bag is way too much, that is why we are offering you other quality that our team think it is decent quality while the price point is better. But, there is also lots of customers out there only aiming for the best quality, which is why we have two quality in our site. the quality is what we called as TOP QUALITY and PREMIUM QUALITY, remember, every seller naming on quality might be different, so you have to ask directly if you have any questions left unanswered.
one of our most frequently asked questions. what are the differences between premium quality and top quality? in reality, you have to touch it to feel the differences. just by looking at the bag, you can't really see the significant difference in the bag. well, of course, we do compare everything before we decided to sell it out to you guys. even the feels when you lay your hand to the bag is different. you can really feel the perfect material that top quality bag used. while with the premium quality, it feels good but not as satisfying as top quality Chanel. my friend has a chanel classic flap in caviar leather gold hardware. when we compare it, I will be completely honest, I can't feel the differences in the caviar material. they feel exactly the same, the hardware is also perfect. you can really feel that the bag has an expensive vibe to it. durability is also better. knockoff bag is cheaper because they do not have strong durability, original product cost so expensive because they have a very long durability, campaign, workers, materials, advertisement, and so on.
while, for the premium quality Chanel handbag, it is one quality lower than the top quality Chanel that we sell. hardware materials is different, but leather remains genuine leather. durability will not be as great as the top quality version but as long as you handle with care, everything will be just great. we have variety of customers. we receive lots of top quality order, and also lots of premium quality order, we get to touch them each and every day. and the fact that both qualities have different feels and vibes is real. We will be really honest with you guys because we want you to satisfied with our products. But relax, as long as your friends are not a Chanel detective or Chanel freak, they won't realize it. so, it is about self-satisfaction.
here is the comparison of authentic vs ours. picture was taken from our customer directly.
this customer has an authentic classic flap Chanel, and she bought our wallet on chain top quality. please read what she said. lot's of our customer has their own authentic item and compared to our Chanel and their reaction was beyond my expectation. weeks of hard work on finding the right factory has finally paid off. we are very satisfied with the results and the satisfaction of our customers. not only this customer that compared their authentic piece to ours. there are lots of them taking a picture and sent it to us and describe how shocked they were with the quality. the only difference one customer told us is just the weight. authentic has more weight in the bag. we never said that our bag is 100% like original, that is total nonsense, there will always be differences, mainly in a serial code number, because we can't even find the differences in terms of the physical appearance of the bag.
this blog has comes to an end. what we want to tell you is that always make your own research, you spend how you want your money to be spent. it is your hard work. we do not force any party to purchase with us, we believe if you really are interested with our bag, you will pay no matter what without us texting you over and over again for payment. we share and we explain. we hope this can help you have a better understanding of our Chanel bag. if you have any question feel free to leave a message through our whatsapp for more prompt response + 62 812 6529 6744 . or shoot us some email at vlxcgoods@gmail.com

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