why we no longer offer paypal payment and how do you pay us.

hey everyone, welcome to our blog today. in today's blog we want to talk to you about why we no longer able to use paypal for payment. either from website, or privately from whatsapp whatsoever.


So this morning, 1st August at around 10 a.m , i called paypal help centre and asked about why is vlixco paypal unable to withdraw money for like a week now. so they said that we need to provide more informations like your ID card, your proof of address. so i uploaded them very quickly. But then, an hour later we receive an email from paypal and it stated , "you can no longer use paypal" , this is a very heartbreaking news for us. we know that 90% of our customer or new customer prefer paypal, it is not only easier to pay, but it is also safe and customer have protections. but paypal told us that even if we make a new paypal account, they will know and they will banned us again.


We are very sorry for the inconvenience but we need your understanding. we did offer paypal payments for 2 months now and everything is very smooth up untill today :( . therefor, now we accept payment of western union and soon we will use and study about the credit card payment. 

this is truly a sad news but we can no longer use paypal. and we hope you understand why the paypal express payment is not on our website now.

if you doubt us, and doubt whether you will get scammed or not, please contact us on whatsapp, please check our instagram and you can also check our youtube channel and you can check how we are trying so hard to show you all the details on our youtube channel. 


Now let's talk about how do you buy and how do you pay us. you can add to cart the product that you would like to buy, fill in your address like usual. then, you can click continue to payment. 

You will see something like this once you click 'continue to payment' and you will receive our western union informations. after you have paid you can sent us the proof of payment picture by sending it to our email vlxcgoods@gmail.com . if you are serious on purchasing the bag, then click complete order, sent us the payment picture and we will proceed them right away. if you are not going to really ordering them, please do not click complete order.

we are extremely sorry for the inconvenience but we will add other payment options as well, we hope you understand our situations and regardless of this problem, all of our bag quality remain the same , we serve you the top quality that we have look through it carefully.

Thankyou so much on your time reading this blog, and i hope you can still continue to purchase with us. have a nice day everyone.

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