Here are the frequently question asked by customer


  • Before we even launching a website, we were selling on a platform called 'Instagram' and we have been in this industry since 2015, so we really get to know which factory produce which product the best. You can follow our instagram for more daily instagram stories details of the product. 


  • for now we do not accept paypal. we accept western union and transferwise payment. if you have any problem or confuse, feel free to contact us on whatsapp for prompt response. you can pay directly from its website or if you have western union agent nearby your place you can visit it right away and pay. please pay the total amount of your order . we have put all the informations when you submit your order and we will mark them as paid if you have paid . do not forget to sent the payment proof to us through email or whatsapp.


  • Most our your order will be process within 3-5 business days , except for hermes as lots of it are made by order and took 10-15 days to produced. product will be arrived to your address within 4-5 days approximately. please remain patient. We will try our best to ship it ASAP. our customer usually receive our package in 6-8 days.


  • When shipping internationally customs fee is unavoidable. We sadly have have no control over this, it's also unpredictable how much an individual will be charged and WHO will be charged, some get charges and some doesn't. there is no refund , re-ship or whatsoever when your product was hold by the customs because it is fully customer responsibility as customer should know their country rules and regulations.  Customs and duty fees are not included in your order and/or shipping total. VLIXCO is not responsible for fees by the custom in any reason! All fees must be paid by the customer. but we always sent you as a gift and we will report that your product is cheap. therefore, the chance of the tax charges is lesser.
  • VLIXCO shall not be responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged packages or for any delay caused by the act or default of the shipping carrier. but, we will try our best to help you. Once tracking is received, it is between the shipping company (DHL EMS, etc) and the customer to ensure the goods arrive safely.


  • Since we have been in this industry for 4 years now, we sure dealt with a lot of clients. we have received a lot of feedback and we are very proud to state that 98/100 customers are constantly satisfied with our product. we put such a great amount of exertion into finding which factory that produce certain brand with best quality to sell it to you. your satisfaction have always  been our main priority. we are not saying the product is 100% equivalent as authentic because let's be real and honest, it is impossible. Hence, we still can provide you THE HIGHEST QUALITY.
  • Our products are all made out of GENUINE leather. you can definitely use our product for a long period of time BUT how long it LASTS is based on how you are taking care of the bag. a bit of reminder, take care of your replica bag like you take care of the authentic bag. in that way, your replica bag will last so much longer.
  • keep in mind you are purchasing replica, NOT AUTHENTIC. slight difference will always exist. 


  • If you can't find a product or brand that you want, please let us know by sending us some picture of the product that you want. we will definitely add them in the future as we make sure it is already in a best quality. but please request something you would like to buy. 

If you found out that our bag quality is not good enough, please let us know, just shoot us an email and tell us which brand or which bag that the quality is off. we will improve ourself for the better product in the future.